Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh no, not another blog.

That's what you're thinking this very minute, aren't you?  And that's okay!  I know, there are a million other blogs out there... So what makes this so special?

A boss once told me, "Carla = Hospitality."  Although that was the first time I heard it said out loud, I can't say it was the first time it ever crossed my mind.

I am a Hospitality junkie.  I love being a good host.  I love attending parties and weddings and dancing the night away.  I love planning special events.  I love the research, the phone calls, e-mails, reading reviews, getting to know the business owners... all of it.  And I really, really enjoy meeting new people, experiencing new places, and doing my best to not forget it all when I get home.  What I love most about Hospitality is that it brings people together and creates memories you will hopefully treasure for years to come.

I'm not here to try to sell you by saying I'm the best dancer you'll ever meet.  Nor will I say I am a "foodie" because I don't want to be.  Nor will I ever say I'm a travel guru because it's not who I am.

If you've gotten this far, hopefully you'll want to read on and experience what I have to offer.

dine with carla...
Just like you, I love food.  I love the smell, the look, the taste, the way it's prepared and by whom.  I appreciate it all.  But what I also love is that food creates a lasting impression on us all.  Good or bad doesn't matter; it stays with us forever.  Dining with company and dining alone - I love it.  And I do both very often, so I'll be writing about all the new goodies I discover.  Again, I'm no foodie, so don't expect stories about caviar and oysters.  I'm a big fan of comfort food, tapas, shared plates, and family meals... you get the picture.

dance with carla...
This has been a passion of mine for years.  My specialty is group and special event choreography.  Why should you hire me for your event?  I'm choreographer who will sit down with you at our first meeting, get to know who you are, go over your event with you, review song choices one by one... and in the end, who will produce a performance that's perfect for you & your guests and who will be there for you on your special day making sure everything is running smoothly & everyone is having a good time.

travel with carla...
I travel.  A lot.  My job mainly consists of travel, so I'm constantly seeing new things, people, and places.  My favorite part of planning these trips is where I stay and what I eat.  I mostly frequent U.S. destinations, but you will occasionally read about trips to international locations as well.

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to dancing, dining, and destinations with you. ;)